Homer Steps Up

Free Community Steps Challenge for the southern Kenai Peninsula.

May 1-28, 2023

Win AWESOME PRIZES!  $1,800 in Prizes!

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2023 Results

Step O Meter

Thank you to all 665 participants on 70 teams for your participation!

While we didn’t reach 175 million, together we walked the equivalent of:

2023 Homer Steps Up! Champions:

The WINNING TEAM is again the Sweaty Betty's for the second year in a row!

They won the Homer Steps Up! trophy, custom Homer Steps Up! 2023 Champions t-shirts for every member of their team, and $500 to donate to the local charity/nonprofit of their choice! Thank you to The Homer Foundation  for sponsoring the donations for the top three teams!

Congratulations to this dedicated, committed group of steppers who achieved the highest score (cumulative average of all members steps throughout the challenge) of 756,071. Their ACTUAL total steps was 6,048,509!

Sweaty Betty's chose Homer Little League for their $500 donation!

The Blue Mile, in second place with a score of 715,524 and 3,577,630 actual total steps chose Christian Community Church- Homer for their $300 donation!

The Water Willies, in third place with a score of 488,371 and 2,930,177 actual total steps chose Friends of Kachemak Bay State Parks for their $200 donation!

Winning Team

Second Place Team - Blue Mile

Second Place Team - Blue Mile

Third Place Team - Water Willies

Third Place Team - Water Willies

Congratulations to the winners of the End-of-Challenge CASH prizes! These winners are drawn randomly from three separate categories of total steps, based on a 5K a day average minimum for eligibility.

These cash prizes are made possible by the generous financial support of the South Peninsula Hospital Foundation, Inc.! Thank you, Angie Newby for representing the SPHFI and presenting some of the winners with their prizes!

$100 Winners:
Dena Johnson on SVTHW Brisk Blueberries with 212,280 total challenge steps
Regina Johanos on Books are made for walking with 235,388 total challenge steps
Tina Seaton on SPARC-lers  with 183,797 total challenge steps

$200 Winners:
Linda Ericson on SVTHW Brisk Blueberries  with 401,165 total challenge steps
Robin Holmes on KBFPC  with 359,228 total challenge steps
Lisa Christopher on SPARC-lers  with 317,978 total challenge steps

$300 Winners:
Denise Nibert on Kale Blazers  with 464,695 total challenge steps
Meg Gravley on Paul Banks Peanuts  with 597,443 total challenge steps
Samantha Keeley on Sweaty Betty's  with 732,545 total challenge steps

Congratulations to the final weekly winners of the Homer Bucks prize drawings and the Yeti mug prize drawings!

In the 35k-83,999 Weekly Total Steps Category:
Audrey Morris on SPBHS with 38,731 total week four steps
Carol Kerkvliet on Anything is Pawsible with 74,590 total week four steps
Marilyn Duncan on RazDazzlers with 73,701 total week four steps

In the 84K-139,999 Weekly Total Steps Category:
Ashley Switzer on OB Ovary-chievers with 85,667 total week four steps
Colleen Murphy on Acute Care Cuties with 113,350 total week four steps
Tammy Branson on Acute Care Cuties with 114,570 total week four steps

In the 140K or more Weekly Total Steps Category:
Cindy Llenos on Sweaty Betty's with 207,336 total week four steps
Lisa Ravenscroft on The Blue Mile with 152,604 total week four steps
Christopher Stillford on The Blue Mile with 418,505 total week four steps

AND the winner of a Yeti mug for answering the "Question of the Week" - Shirley Heusel on Team Git'er Done!

Winners have been contacted individually, but feel free to congratulate them!

Thank you to our co-sponsors: South Peninsula Hospital, the City of Homer, SVT Health & Wellness, South Peninsula Behavioral Health Services  and SPARC South Peninsula Athletic & Recreation Center, and to the South Peninsula Hospital Foundation, Inc. for making these weekly prize drawings possible throughout the challenge!

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Sweaty Betty’s





City of Homer (Big Team); Harbor School of Music and Dance (Small Team)





City of Homer (Team 25+); Harbor School of Dance & Music (Team <25)





City of Homer (Team 25+); M&M&M’s

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City of Homer





City of Homer



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